Friday, April 23, 2010


Since I'd rather fail MUET than not online, I think I can only try to blog something as practice for tomorrow's MUET writing test instead of staring blankly on my facebook profile.

First of all, I really regret chatting with Quah Chee Sian till 3 oclock in the morning, one day before the MUET test. Now I'm so sleepy....

I don't know why I should be so concerned with this MUET test, because I don't think I need a band 5 or 6, since it's unlikely that I'll apply for the "competitive courses" like engineering or medicine.

But I suppose my vanity will not easily forgive myself if I fail to get a Band 4 or above. Well to be honest I demand a band 5 from myself (although I know my writing is going to pull down the marks!), although I do allow for a band 4, as what I've been repeating in my mind these few days :

"Aim for band 5, hope for band6, be happy with band 4."

(p.s. Should I do badly in the test, this blog post shall become testimony to the saying that "pride comes before the fall")

I wonder what topics would come out for the writing section. I do hope it will be something controversial like:

1. Young people should vote for BN in the next general election. Do you agree? Give your views.

2. Gay people should just go die. Give your views.

3. MUET speaking test is so fake. Give your opinion.

rather than :

1. Discuss strategies of attracting more tourists to Malaysia.

2. Discuss ways to promote unity among Malaysians.

Ok I was half joking. The groups of topics above represents extremes of both ends of a spectrum of topics from simply dry to outrageous, none of which is likely to be actual test topics. However, I think I need to be emotional in order to write a good essay - I can only produce a good essay only if the things I write are what I feel strongly about. That is probably my weakness in writing.
Internet addiction:

An addiction is a persistent behavioural pattern marked by physical or psychological dependency or tolerance which brings disruption in the quality of life of the organism.

Strategies to attract more tourists:

1. erm. improve taxi service
2. erm. improve safety (crime)
3. erm. eco-tourism. Because of the hype of climate change and stuff, people will be more inclined to spend their holidays in "eco" places. Malaysia have the world's oldest tropical rainforest and what Pulau Sipadan. Snorkelling centre. Promote it.

that's all la. Why people want to come to malaysia? So many better places to go.

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